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About The Department

The Department of Bengali started its journey since 1948, the year of establishment of this institution. Then it was an intermediate college affiliated to the Calcutta University in 1957. Since the college was upgraded to a Degree college, both Honours and General courses in Bengali were introduced and are continuing till date. Initially it was one-man department, the name of the teacher being Prof. Nandalal Pramanik. In 1955 he retired and Prof. Ambuj Basu, the famous critic of Jibananda, replaced him. In that very year, the second post of the Department was created. This post was filled by Prof. Rabin Adak, who was a good teacher as well as a poet. Subsequently 3rd, 4th, 5th posts of the Department were created and were filled by Prof. Murari Manna, Prof. Ramprasad Ghosh and Prof. Shyamsundar Bit respectively. In 1987 Prof. Shyamsundar Bit left this college. Prof. Ajit Kumar Bera joined against that post in 1988. In course of time Prof. Ambuj Basu, Prof. Ramprasad Ghosh, Prof. Rabin Adak, Prof. Murari Manna reached superannuation and a set of new teachers, namely Prof. Sumita Rani Das, Dr. Subrata Chatterjee, Dr. Archan Chattopadhyay, Prof. Pradip Kumar Pal joined the Department in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001 respectively. In 2000 Prof. Ajit Kumar Bera left this college and Prof. Arunima Dutta Chattopadhyay replaced him in 2001. Since the departure of Prof. Bera, Prof. Sumita Rani Das is acting Head of the Department. At Netaji Mahavidyalaya the department of Bengali is recognised as a very rich department from the long past. That glory of tradition is still continuing unabated. It is to be added further in this content that the Post-Graduation teaching course in Bengali started in July, 2008. When Dr. Subrata Chatterjee left this college Prof. Tunu Rani Bera, replaced him. Few year’s after when Mrs. Bera left this college Prof.Mamata khan replaced her. Prof. Arunima Dutta Chattopadhyay and Prof. Pradip Kumar Pal both of them completed UGC minor research project. Dr. Archan Chattopadhyay now acting as a research guide under The University of Burdwan. Many of the faculty members pursuing Ph.D We have also a good departmental library.

Faculty Details


Sumita Rani Das
Associate Professor

Dr. Archan Chattopadhyay
Associate Professor
M.A, NET (JRF & Lectureship),Ph.D

Pradip Kumar Pal
Associate Professor

Mamata Khan
Assistant Professor
M.A, NET, M.Phil, Ph.D(Pursuing)

Abha Dey
M.A, NET, M.Phil, PhD(Pursuing)

Pijush Bera
M.A, NET, PhD (Pursuing)

Rajkumar Pramanik
M.A, NET & SET M.Phil, PhD(Pursuing)

Krishna Chandra Mondal

Dr. Sudipta Nayek
M.A, NET, Ph.D

Biswajit Biswas
M.A, NET, PhD (Pursuing)