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Past/ Present

Netaji Mahavidyalaya was established in 1948 AD. At that time only intermediate course was allowed in this college and it was affiliated with the University of Calcutta In 1957, this educational institution was upgraded and gave permission to tech graduation course The Bengali department has also been teaching both undergraduate general and honours courses since the college was established Later after the establishment of The University of Burdwan, this institution was affiliated with the said university and the department also.

In the early days of college, the reading process was conducted by a single faculty member; Nandalal Pramanik was the first appointed professor of the department. When Nandalal Pramanik retired in 1955, he was succeeded by the renowned Jibanananda-critic Professor Ambuj Basu. When the second post was created in the same year, Professor Rabin Adak was appointed to that post. Who is an ideal professor as well as a traditional poet. Later, when the third, fourth and fifth vacancies were created, Prof. Murari Manna, Prof. Ramprasad Ghosh and Prof. Shyamsunder Beat joined those posts respectively. Prof. Beat left the college in 1987, and Prof. Ajit Bera filled the post in 1988. Professor Ambuj Bose, Professor Ramprasad Ghosh, Professor Rabin Adak, Professor Murari Manna retired, Professor Sumita Rani Das in 1995, Dr Subrata Chattopadhyay, Dr Archan Chattopadhyay, Prof. Pradip Kumar Pal and Prof. Arunima Chattopadhyay joined the department from 1995 to 2001. After Prof. Ajit Kumar Bera left the college, Prof. Sumita Rani Das has been serving as the Head of the Department since 2001. In 2008 Dr Subrata Chattopadhyay left the college and was replaced by Prof. Tunurani Bera. After Prof. Bera left the college in 2017, Dr Mamta Khan joined the department in 2019. Prof. Arunima Chattopadhyay left the college in 2021. Currently, besides the above prof. Ava Dey, Pijush Bera, Rajkumar Pramanik, Krishnachandra Mandal, Dr Sudipta Nayek and Biswajit Biswas continue to teach with due skill. Dr Archan Chattopadhyay is currently serving as supervisor of Ph.D programme. Prof. Pradip Kumar Pal and Prof. Arunima Chattopadhyay have completed minor research projects approved by UGC.

The Bengali department of Netaji Mahavidyalaya is recognized as a very prosperous department since long past. The glory of the tradition continues today. In the year 2008, the regular course of Bengali post-graduate level started. Students are able to get a basic idea of hands-on data collection through fieldwork on educational tour from the department every year. The presence of meritorious alumni working in the state and outside the state at the reunion festival organized by the Bengal department in 2023 has given the department a new impetus to move forward. At various times class-wise and section-wise national discussions enrich the section. In addition to textbook based studies in the department creative learning such as recitation, music, dance, drawing, quiz etc. is encouraged. The student-embellished their hand on seminar in memory of 22 Shraban (the death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore), written wall paper ‘Sisriksha’ and the decoration of the theatres have enhanced the external and internal art-glory of the department manifold. Also, books rich in information of ancient as well as modern times in the departmental library have become a special help for students to acquire knowledge. Currently, the Bengali department has become a ‘Bengali language and literature family’ in the joint cooperative of teachers and students.

Past Faculty Members

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Deparmental activities

in Adak, Prof. Murari Manna reached superannuation and a set of new teachers, namely Prof. Sumita Rani Das, Dr. Subrata Chatterjee, Dr. Archan Chattopadhyay, Prof. Pradip Kumar Pal joined the Department in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001 respectively. In 2000 Prof. Ajit Kumar Bera l

Special Features of the Department
  • It in our pleasure to inform that The University of Burdwan had granted the Post Graduation course on regular basis for Bengali in Netaji Mahavidyalaya. Now this is the one and only department which has Post Graduation level teaching (regular) since 2008 and it is running successfully.
  • The department also publishes an inclusive wall magazine “Sisriksha” which is totally compiled by the handwriting of the students.
Teachers’ involvement in activities apart from teaching-learning (including Research, Project etc.)
  • Teachers of the faculty are involved in research-oriented programmes and committees of the University.
  • Dr Archan Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor of the department working as a PhD guide under the University of Burdwan. And also, Dr Chattopadhyay is the member of the Research Advisory Committee (R.A.C.) of the University of Burdwan, Department of Bengali, since 2011. He also edited some reputed journals. He is a member of the Editorial Board of ‘Focus’ with ISSN 2278-1510. (A refereed Journal published by Netaji Mahavidyalaya.)
  • Prof. Sumita Rani Das, Associate Professor, Department of Bengali, is the member of Board of Studies for Post Graduation in Bengali, the University of Burdwan, since 2011.
  • Prof. Pradip Kumar Pal, Assistant Professor, Department of Bengali, is carrying out a U.G.C. sponsored minor Research Project, completed 2018
  • Prof. Arunima Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Bengali, is carrying out a U.G.C. sponsored minor Research Project, completed 2018


Departmental Library



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Departmental Seminar

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Minor Research Project

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Student activities

The students of the department not only like to exhibit good performance in syllabus-oriented education but also are interested in different types of extra-curricular activities. Thus, with the help of the teachers, they participate in publishing the wall magazine, and different types of cultural competitions (inter department, inter college & state level). Sometimes they win prizes in different events the participation of students in ‘22 Shraban,’ ‘International Mother Language Day’, Teachers’ Day and Birthday of Netaji is also remarkable. Some of the students also like to do some essential work through NSS and NCC team.

Student’s involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Arranging Seminars by the Students.
  • Arranging Quiz by the students.
  • Arranging Group Discussion by the Students.
  • Arranging interaction sessions in the class.
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    Departmental Excursion/ Field Work

    • Excursion
    • Vidyasagar University and Digha: Date: 27/03/2018- 28/03/2018
      Visva Bharati and Daminya: Date: 25/06/2022-26/06/2022

    • Departmental Fieldwork (Only PG)
    • Shantiniketan (for Special paper- Kathasahitya) Date: 26/06/2022
      Kabikankan Mukunda Chakraborty Musium (for special paper- Madhyajug) Date: 25/06/2022
      Raja Rammohan Roy Birthplace : Khanakul Date: 10/02/2023


    Departmental Achievement

    1. Suriya Mukherjee: Session 2021-2024, Roll Number-210140900611
    2. 1st Position, 21-25 Year Men, UYSF Asia Pacific Yoga Sport Championship 2023, Universal Yoga Sport Federation, Bangkok, Thailand, Grand Howard Square Convention Centre, 09.09.2023
      1st Position, World Yoga Cup Championship 2022, Traditional Yogasona, ALT Centre Auditorium Ghaziabad, 26-27 June 2022

    3. Anushree Koley: Session 2021-2024, Roll Number-210140900055
      2nd Position, College Level Youth Parliament competition 2022-2023, Hooghly District, Government of West Bengal, 19.02.2022
      1st Position, Group-C, Annual Cultural Programme 2023, Ramkrishna Vivekananda Bhab Prochar Porishod(Shunia Asram), Hooghly-1

    4. Priti Dey: Session 2016-2019, Roll Number-17AH/409/0366
      1st Class 1stPosition, Master of Arts, The University of Burdwan, University Roll Number- BUR B 2019/135
    Departmental Cultural Achievement
    • 1st Position, 2017-2018, Inter department championship
    • 1st Position, 2018-2019, Inter department championship
    • 1st Position, 2021-2022, Inter department championship
    • 3rd Position, 2023-2024, Inter department championship


    Faculty Details

    Sumita Rani Das
    Associate Professor

    Dr. Archan Chattopadhyay
    Associate Professor
    M.A, NET (JRF & Lectureship),Ph.D

    Pradip Kumar Pal
    Associate Professor
    M.A, NET & SLET

    Mamata Khan
    Associate Professor
    M.A, NET, M.Phil, Ph.D(Pursuing)

    Abha Dey
    M.A, NET, M.Phil, PhD(Pursuing)

    Pijush Bera
    M.A, NET, PhD (Pursuing)

    Rajkumar Pramanik
    M.A, NET & SET M.Phil, PhD(Pursuing)

    Krishna Chandra Mondal

    Dr. Sudipta Nayek
    M.A, NET, Ph.D

    Biswajit Biswas
    M.A, NET, PhD (Pursuing)


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