The support services / facilities for the said categories are as follows –

  1. Students from SC, ST, OBC-A and OBC-B and economically weaker sections –
  2. Reservation of 22%, 6%, 10% and 7% seats (as per Govt. rules) in the admission for SC, ST, OBC-A and OBC-B categories respectively.
  3. Remedial coaching sponsored and financial by the UGC.
  4.  Accommodation of some girl students belonging to the SC/ST categories in the Girls’ Hostel for the said categories.

Students with physical disabilities

  1. Flexibility in the norms for attendance in classes.
  2. Concession of tuition fees as far as practicable.

Arrangement for convenience in the examinations conducted by the college and at the venues of university examinations.


Students to participate in various competitions/National and International

  1. Flexibility in the norms for attendance in classes in terms of attendance given against the days of such participation
  2. Financial assistance for food and lodging
  3. Concession of tuition fees for the students who attend RDC(Republic Day Camp.


Medical assistance to students: health centre, health insurance etc.

a) Arrangement for First AID in the College

b) Provision for Health check up from students’ Health Home Arambagh, where service from qualified doctors, staff and necessary medicine are available.

c) In emergency cases, the Health Home refers the patients to Arambagh Subdivision Hospital or even to Students Health Home at Moulali or even to better hospitals in Kolkata, and arranges necessary ambulance for conveyance.

Organizing coaching classes for competitive exams

  1.  Coaching Centre under UGC- sponsored “Entry in Services” scheme for SC, ST, Minority and BC students.

College also arranges coaching simultaneously for the general category of students at their own cost.

  1. Guidance for coaching classes for competitive examinations through the Career-Counselling-Cum-Guidance Cell of the College.

Skill development (spoken English, computer literacy, etc.,)

  1. There is ample scope for the development of spoken English in English(H), English(General) and Compulsory  English classes.
  2. In BBA and BCA(Honours)Courses, there is an ample provision for the development of spoken English in the ‘Communicative English’ part of the syllabus.
  3.   Soft skill development (Spoken English) is also done in the UGC- funded Remedial Coaching Scheme for SC,ST, OBC and minority students.
  4. Students are exposed to spoken English in the UGC-sponsored National/International Seminars as well as the college funded seminars conducted by the college.
  5.   Last but not the least, students can develop the skill of spoken English in some Honours and General classes of Science and Commerce subjects, and very rarely in Arts subjects.
  6. Computer literacy is developed remarkably in Computer Science and its Application Classes BBA classes as well as in some Science and Commerce classes.


Support for “slow learners”

  1. Last-minute attempt in the classes at clarifying the points not intelligible to them, by using as simple language as possible(even resorting to vernacular, as and when necessary and homely and easily available illustrations.
  2. Counselling outside the classes for further clarification of the points in some lectures remaining unintelligible to the students.
  3. Remedial Coaching classes for SC/ST/OBC/ Minority Students.


Exposures of students to other institution of higher learning/ corporate/business house etc.

This is ensured by conducting excursions to such organizations, institutions etc.  Here is a chart of the places of such and such repute visited by different departments during the educational tours in different years.

Year Departments Institutions
  1. Computer Science and Application
  2. Commerce
  3. Mathematics
  4. Env. Science & Geography
  1. Centurian Institute of Technology, Orissa.
  2. Vizag steel plant.
  3. I.I.T., Kharagpur.

FRI Dheradun

  1. & Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dheradun
  1. Computer Science and Application.
  2. Commerce
  3. Zoology.

Env. Science & Geography & Plant- Protection

Chemistry & Mathematics

  1. Vizag Steel Plant,

ISI KOLKATA  and EIILM University, Sikkim.

  1. Sikkim cheese Product Ltd.
  2. Vizag Steel Plant.
  3. G B Panth institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Sikkim Unit, Phangthang, Gangtok.
  4. Viswabharati, Central University
  1. Botany
  2. Commerce
  3. Physics & Chemistry
  4. Computer Science and Application


Env. Science & Geography

  1. Deradun Forest Research Institute.
  2. Nehu University
  3. CMFRI (Dhanbad)
  4. North Bengal University
  5. EIILM University, Sikkim.
  6. Central Dept of Environmental Science, Tribhuban University, Kathmandu, Nepal
  1. Commerce
  2. Computer Science
  3. Physics & Chemistry

Env. Science


Zoology & Geography

  1. Gitam University,


  1. Guwahati University

and IIT Guwahati

  1. IIT, Kharagpur
  2. Geological survey of India, Sikkim Chapter, Gangtok, Sikkim.
  3. G B Panth institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Sikkim Unit, Phangthang, Gangtok.