The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college was established on 29.05.2007 as per the recommendation of NAAC Peer Team in its visit to the college from 21-22 March, 2007 for the 1st Cycle of Accreditation. The present IQAC started functioning from 18.01.2013.

IQAC team

IQAC team

Its composition is as follows –

  • Chairperson – Principal
  • Co-ordinator
  • External Expert – 1
  • Industrialist – 1
  • Members from Management (Governing Body) – 3
  • Teacher Members – 8
  • Alumni Members – 3
  • Community Member – 1
  • Technical Staff – 2
  • Students’ Representative – 1

The institute sees to it that the development of the college does not take place in quantitative terms only but also in qualitative terms. In this respect, the IQAC is entrusted with the task of keeping a vigil on quality maintenance and quality enhancement while monitoring the overall activities of the college.

The IQAC of the college has contributed in the said matter by the following ways-

  1. Guiding and controlling the Planning Body in chalking out such and such plans that would be in keeping with the national standards of Higher education while at the same time meeting the local needs for maintaining a democratic character and upward mobilization of the backward communities.
  2. Observing the activities of the different statutory and non-statutory committees so that the plans are implemented in time while not compromising with the quality of the developmental activities, particularly of academic activities.
  3. By insisting the authority on taking time to time feedback from all of its stakeholders like teachers, students, guardians so that the weaknesses of the college can be marked and can be overcome in due course for a steady development of the college through self-criticism.
  4. By submitting all the AQAR(Annual Quality Assurance Report)s to NAAC due from 2007-08.
  5. By submitting the LOI (Letter of Intent) to NAAC which is a prerequisite for the submission of Self-Study Report (SSR)
  6. By submitting the Self-Study Report (SSR) for the 2nd Cycle of Accreditation of the College by NAAC.