Tender Notice   Date: 26.07.2018

Sealed quotations on plain paper are invited from reputed suppliers to supply the following items for Zoology department. All suppliers are requested to quote rate (including GST) within 7 days from the date of publication.



  1. Heparin – 1 piece
  2. Micropipette-10µl (No.1)
  3. Micropipette-20µl (No.1)
  4. Micropipette tip ( for 10 and 20 µl)
  5. Trypan blue – 1 piece
  6. Acetoorcin – 1 piece
  7. Acetocarmine – 1 piece
  8. Grasshopper testis lobe-5 file
  9. Specimen –a. Odontophore b. Leptocoryza  c. Xenophylla  d. Slide cleavage  e. Tadpole  tail  Bud   f. Anchylostoma  g. Bombyx mori  h. Spodoptera  i. Nilaparvata j. Phlebotomus  k. Scrophaga  l. Helix  m. Apis  , species  n. Sorex  o. Scolopendra p. Necturus cup