Netaji Mahavidyalaya

Arambagh, Hooghly


Tender Notice   Date: 12.03.2020

Sealed quotations on plain paper are invited from reputed suppliers to supply the following items for Physics department. All suppliers are requested to quote rate (including GST) within 7 days from the date of publication.




  1. To determine the band gap using thermistor.
  2. To determine the coefficient of Thermal Conductivity of Cu by Searle’s Method.
  3. To determine the wavelength and velocity of ultrasonic waves in a liquid (Kerosene Oil, Xylene etc.) by studying the diffraction through ultrasonic grating.
  4. To determine the refractive index of (1) glass and (2) a liquid by total internal reflection using a Gaussian eyepiece.
  5. To verify the Stefan’s law of radiation and to determine Stefan’s constant.
  6. To determine the Boltzmann constant using V-I characteristics of PN junction diode.
  7. To determine the excitation potential of Mercury/Argon by Frank-Hertz experiment.

8.To analyse elliptically polarized light by using a Babinet’s compensator.

  1. To measure the dielectric constant of a dielectric material with frequency.

10.(i) Thermometer- 6 pc (1/10).

(ii)  IC-7400, IC-7486, IC-7476, IC-74107, IC-7410, IC-7432, IC-7404, IC-7408.

(iii) Hg-500 gram

(iv) Slide callipers- 2 pc

(v)  Screw Guage – 2 pc

(vi) Two sides connecting wire.

(vii) One side connecting wire.

(viii) Copper wire connecting wire.

(ix)  Battery for multimeter.

(x)   Plastic wire

(xi)  8085- Microprocessor kit.