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The Department of Economics Netaji Mahavidyalaya continues to disseminate knowledge of the concerned subject to the stream of students of the department since 1948 which is also the year of foundation of the college. Starting with a thatch one day to attaining a full-fledged departmental chamber along with own separate classroom is itself a course of development. Given any infrastructural setup of the department the objective of the faculty of Economics Department always has been to deliver the best academic resources to the students who strive to know a subject full of mathematical applications and strong base of reasoning. In the early years the department included ‘Civics and Economics’ as a pre-University study course and Economics was taught also as a general subject of undergraduate level. But in the year 1984 B.A. Economics Honours Degree Course was introduced and thereafter the department could focus on it solely.

Amongst the earliest faculty of the department the names of Professor Deepak Banerjee and Professor Lakshminarayan Ghosh must be mentioned with utmost regard. The department could never have been in today’s position unless they had contributed their level best to make it rooted to the soil. In 1989 Professor G.M. Midya joined as a full-time faculty and it further enriched the department. Dr. Tarak Nath Ray has served the department for almost 25 years with sincere dedication and involvement with the students. The profile of the current set of teaching faculty can be viewed from the table.

The only cause of worry of the department is its very low student strength. It may be due to its rural location that students do not become aware of the scope and opportunities associated with studying it or also may be due to the fact that the subject requires high school knowledge of mathematics as well as command over language. However, at the age of high mobility of information through mobiles and computers it is not difficult to get aware of goodness and employability of the subject and there is hope that in near future the department would be able to overcome such shortcomings and flourish.


Faculty Profile

Dr. Anindya Bhukta
Associate Professor

Dr. Anindya Bhattacharyaa
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shyamal Saha