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The department offers 3 years full time Honours & General courses in B.Sc. Computer Science and 3 years full time Honours in BCA. The Department was established in 2005 and BCA was started from 2010. Computer Science is the most sought-after branch for the 12th passed students that come to the Institute. With an earlier initiative of some competent computer professionals working in the computer centre, the first undergraduate batch rolled out in the year 2010. Our graduates have distinguished themselves in higher studies at the top Universities. The discipline acquires growing importance because of the recent development in the computer related Industries. The course will deal with the fundamental, as well as, advanced aspects, focusing on the proper utilization of the diverse array of computer applications in the engineering and technology processes maintained in the various industries of the present era.This department has computer lab as well as hardware lab separately. It has separate smart class room. It has separate computing facilities consisting of P-IV and Core 2 Duo Desktop PCs. All Computers are supported by accessories such as: Scanner, Laser Printer, Projector, Microprocessor interfacing toolkits.The Department operates its own Library with requisite stock of Textbooks, References. It also maintains a sample-stock of Question Papers of the Examination as well as Class Tests that have been held in the past. The Department takes the responsibility of the maintenance, issue and return of books. The Department organizes conferences, workshops and seminars in various specialized fields with participants from all over the country, and runs in-house seminars to enable knowledge sharing for the benefit of the teachers and students within the Department and other Departments as well. The department also organize educational excursion, Quiz Contest.

Faculty Details


Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor

Sri Ramanuj Mukhopadhyay
MCA, M.Phil, MBA

Sri Santanu De

Sri Pradip Kanti Mallick

Sri Saurav Sarkar

Smt. Bipasha Sen