• The Department of Philosophy, Netaji Mahavidyalaya , took its start since the very beginning of the college , i.e. in the year 1948.
  • In the beginning, it was an intermediate-college under the University of Calcutta. At that time the department taught the students of intermediate classes the subjects known as Logic and Philosophy. Subsequently, it was upgraded to a degree college, and the subject of Philosophy was taught to the students as a general course.
  • In the year 1960, at that time of the very inception of the University of Burdwan, the college came under it. In the year 1973, the University of Burdwan upgraded the Philosophy department of the College and offered Honours status to it. Since that time the department has been teaching Honours as well as General course in Philosophy to the students.
  • At the very beginning of the Department, Prof. Sitansu. Kr. Dutta was appointed a lecturer in Logic and Philosophy and acted as the Head of the Department. After wards, Anindita Choudhury was appointed a Lecturer in the second-post . As the Department was upgraded to Honours teaching as per the norms of the
  • Govt. of West Bengal and the status of the university of Burdwan, four posts were sanctioned for the Department. Consequently, Dr. (Mrs.) Rita Dube, and Prof. Asim Kumar Pathak were appointed in the third and fourth posts respectively. Later on Asim Kumar Pathak resigned the post. The fourth post was lying vacant naturally. Dr. Bimalendu Samanta filled up the post and continued and acted as the Head of the Department.
  • The other there teachers were retained in due course after the completion of their scornful traces the vacant post of Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh was replaced by Prof Soumen Roy. The vacant post of Prof Aniindita Choudhury was replaced by Prof Sudhansu Mondal. The vacant post of Dr Rita Dube was replaced by Prof Shiuli Kower.
  • The vacant post of Dr. Bimolendu Samanta is supplemented by three different Govt. approved part time teachers. They are Mrs. Kaskoli Sain, Mrs. Rumana Afrose, Apurbo Mondal.
  • In spite of all these, it is to be noted that the department possesses the full competency of the faculty. All the teachers are really competent in teaching Honours and General course of studies. The results of the department are thus dressed-up with a transparent history of its own.



A number of students have qualified in the UGC (NET), SET Exams. Students have ranked 2nd in the University Level Examination. A number of Research Scholars are doing their Ph.D. in different Universities of the Country. There is a good relationship between the teacher and taught. The Departmental staff have good understanding with other colleagues of the College. There is correspondence with other Colleges of various Universities.



The department of Philosophy has conducted an excursion at different places in India. In that programme students visited many educational places.

Faculty Profile

Sudhangshu Mondal
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.ed, SLET

Soumen Roy
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, NET,SET, J.R.F, Ph.D(Pursuing)

Shiuli Kower
Assistant Professor
M.A, B.Ed, NET,SET, Ph.D(Pursuing)

Assistant Professor
M. Phil in Philosophy

Rumana Afrose

Kakali Sain

Apurba Mandal
M.A, B.ed